Culture matters, more than ever. Knowing what to say and how to say it, whether in English, Spanish or both is important. One thing for sure – it needs to be culturally relevant and authentic.

The ahora index pinpoints YOUR BEST hispanic opportunity.

AHORA Index™, our location-based analytics tool, will help you identify the Hispanic market potential where you’re already doing business. And where you might go next.

Puente: Your bridge to the Hispanic customer.

The Hispanic marketplace is alive and thriving —growing faster than the general market. Many businesses have yet to see this promising opportunity. And those who do, would benefit from cultural insight and guidance as they develop their strategy.


The Puente team is highly experienced and focused on the Hispanic market. We have the right expertise clients need to reach the Hispanic customer in respectful and culturally relevant ways.



We help you understand the Latino consumer and engage with in culturally-relevant ways. We share advice, rooted in cultural knowledge, that will help you navigate the Latino market and connect with the Latino target audience, while maintaining your brand essence.

Hispanic Market Education
Company Preparedness
HR/Staffing Guidance
Community Engagement
Corporate Partnerships
Customer Relations

Puente Hispanic Consulting


Let us help you design culturally-rooted marketing and communications programs that will connect you with the Hispanic customer.

Markets Prioritization (AHORA Index)
Consumer Research
B2B & B2C Research
Media Planning & Buying
Product Launch
Event Marketing


Puente can help you craft culturally relevant messaging and creative that satisfies your business initiatives and resonates with the Hispanic consumer.

Creative Strategy
Cultural Adaptations
Broadcast Production
Web, Mobile and Social Media
Bilingual Campaigns

Our Client EXperience

Puente Hispanic Consulting

our story

We’d love to tell you our story and our experience helping brands engage with this promising Hispanic market. But, we’d love to hear about what you see, understand your challenges and reveal answers to your questions. Let’s sit down and talk. Call us at 816-283-8300 or email us at

FREE Latino Culture booklet

Learn about Latino culture in your market. Review our snapshot of the Kansas City market. You may be surprised by the growing opportunity in this Midwest city … and yours.

All Things Latino in Kansas City booklet

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