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Campaign Summary: 

The YMCA of Greater Kansas City authentically strives to fulfill its Mission: The YMCA of Greater Kansas City, founded on Christian principles, is a charitable organization with an inclusive environment committed to enriching the quality of family, spiritual, social, mental and physical well-being.’ In order to do this, the YMCA, admirably, understood it must reflect the community surrounding their centers. Though the Y had found success in the Kansas City community to this point in time, it realized that one of the ways it could better live out the Mission was to ensure inclusion with a relatively underserved market in the Kansas City area: The Latino Community. To effectively serve this market, the Y partnered with Puente Marketing in 2012. In the first year of their partnership, Puente led various research groups and data analysis of the membership base and opportunity surrounding each center. Within this research it was uncovered that the Y was not in fact reflecting the community, in that the Hispanic market was under-indexing it’s population in membership. The Y and Puente worked together to then solve this issue.

Puente Marketing used research insights to position the YMCA in the Hispanic market through branding, tagline creation, and messaging. Puente helped the YMCA’s in house creative team to develop and launch Spanish website and create and manage social media presence in the Hispanic market. In 2013, Puente developed and launched a fully integrated multi-media plan.

Campaign Media: 

  • Digital
  • Social
  • Traditional radio
  • Digital radio
  • Grassroots
  • Event marketing
  • Print
  • Direct mail
  • Out-of-home billboards

Campaign Effect: 

Marketing plan was first implemented in July of 2013, and adapted and continued each year since.

  • Jul. 2013: 16,810 members; 995 Hispanic
    • 5.9% of the overall membership base
  • Sep. 2014: 18,450 members; 1,264 Hispanic
    • 7% of the overall membership base
  • Nov. 2015: 20,759 members; 1,672 Hispanic
    • 8.1% of the overall membership base
  • Mar. 2016: 22,348 members; 1,913 Hispanic
    • 8.6% of the overall membership base

For more information, please contact Rob Flores, President of Puente Marketing, at 816.283.8300 or rflores@puentemarketing.com