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Órale or Ayayay

How much do you know about Kansas City's Hispanic Market? By now you may have heard about our project All Things Latino in Kansas City, an informational booklet about, well, Latinos in Kansas City. At Puente Marketing we’re all about helping our clients engage with the Hispanic marketplace in a culturally relevant way. We also [...]

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Our Booklet

All Things Latino in Kansas City We're happy to announce one of our latest projects, All Things Latino in Kansas City. Marketers, businesses, agencies and organizations are increasingly interested in connecting with Hispanics/Latinos. For this reason, we just released our All Things Latino in Kansas City booklet, which is about educating and informing all of [...]

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Mis favoritos

Mexican Restaurant Favorites “What’s the best Mexican restaurant in town?” “Where can I go to get authentic Latino food?” “What is your favorite place to get great Mexican food in Kansas City?” I get these questions quite often, and it’s tough to answer. There are a lot of great Latino restaurants here in Kansas City. And [...]

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Stuart Scott

Bringing Culture to Life When you invest the bulk of your career tuned into the cultural mix of a community as I have at Puente Marketing, you become alert to moments, events and people who raise consciousness or, we might say, stir the melting pot. Stuart Scott, surprisingly to some, was one of those people, [...]

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Feliz Navidad

A Happy Hispanic Holiday ¡Feliz Navidad! Christmas is in the air, and many of us are sharing our own holiday traditions with one another. Whether you decorate a tree, hang stockings, bake your favorite cookies or simply enjoy time with loved ones, each family that celebrates Christmas partakes in their own traditions. Read on to [...]

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Big Brands Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is here! What first begun as a weeklong celebration in 1968 was extended to a full month in 1988 to celebrate the contributions of Hispanics/Latinos to the U.S. Held from September 15  to October 15, big brands are seeing the importance of recognizing this important month and have been [...]

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