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Hispanic Heritage Month

Big Brands Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is here! What first begun as a weeklong celebration in 1968 was extended to a full month in 1988 to celebrate the contributions of Hispanics/Latinos to the U.S. Held from September 15  to October 15, big brands are seeing the importance of recognizing this important month and have been [...]

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¡Muy Bien!

Hispanic Marketing Done Right Some brands have fallen short despite great attempts at reaching the growing Hispanic market. Nonetheless, there are many brands that are using culturally relevant tactics to reach Hispanics, and they’ve been proven to be successful! Honey Bunches of Oats Post’s cereal Honey Bunches of Oats turned its attention to the Hispanic [...]

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Scaling the Market

AHAA! In late May, Puente was lucky to attend a webinar hosted by AHAA, The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. In this informative webinar, we found that new research shows that Upscale Hispanics are a strong economic force that continues to grow. According to AHAA, 15 million homes fit into this market segment. Upscale Hispanics are [...]

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Can I just translate this campaign into Spanish? In short, the answer is no. We get this question a lot. It is a common misconception that marketing and advertising materials geared for the general market will work just as well in the Hispanic market. This is where many companies get it wrong. Directly translating a [...]

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Welcome to the Puente Marketing & Advertising Blog! Check back frequently for tips on Hispanic marketing, industry trends and information on how we can help your business grow. Which topics would you like to see on our blog? Let us know, and we’ll write about it! In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We look forward to [...]

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