Recruiting: Review your brief and collaborate to develop a screeners guide; Identify promising respondents and create a list to call; phone shortlisted respondents that meet the target profile; confirm their attendance, as well as deliver to you a profile of all respondents and their responses to screening questions. Puente X has an expertise and a trusted relationship in the Hispanic market within the region. This allows us to recruit and deliver authentic perspectives of the hard-to-reach Hispanic consumer. Because of Puente X’s expertise in this culture, our clients can rest assured we’ve accounted for Hispanic origins and language preferences throughout the recruitment process and into the discussion groups and findings as well.

Our recruitment services are fully GDPR compliant all of our services are provided in accordance with the Market Research Society (MRS) and ICC/ESOMAR codes of conduct:

  • Recruitment from Puente X database as well as specialist consumer and B2B databases
  • “Free find” recruitment using a multi-faceted approach involving specialist database, social media and referrals
  • Recruitment of hard-to-find individuals via cold calling, desktop research, communities and blogs
  • List recruitment from a client list

Project management services include: One of our directors is involved in every project and we provide a friendly and professional project manager who proactively works with our suppliers and keeps you informed of progress at all times. Other services included as needed: translation and interpreting, transcription, note taking and videography.

Screeners Guide and Discussion Guide design and review: experienced staff can review your guides and advise on potential issues and improvements before participant recruitment begins. If you need help in designing a guide, our experts can create one from scratch and validate it with you. Screeners guide we ensure is tight and thorough, while discussion guides, though also thorough, are flexible and open ended.

Provision of moderator: experienced moderators who can lead your focus groups or carry out in-depth interviews across a range of sectors. We will happy to recommend the most appropriate individual based on your needs. Our Hispanic Moderators are fully bilingual, entirely neutral and greatly diverse in origin, gender, age and expertise so that we ensure our ability to find the best fit for your project.

Facility and viewing management: We have dedicated spaces to accommodate intimate research studio needs for in depth interviews to larger quantities of respondents in large focus group settings. Facility allows for Live streaming solutions and/or digital video and audio recordings. Along with client observation solutions. Wi-Fi. Large screen TV and Projector. Use of flip charts/white board, stationery. Tea, coffee and light snacks. If you prefer, we can also arrange interviews and focus groups in client offices and/or respondents’ homes as well.

Analysis and report: Following the study, Puente X will develop a standard executive briefing of the findings. If requested, we will also deliver a detailed written report on the findings as well.

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