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Norberto (Rob) Ayala-Flores


After more than a decade managing general market campaigns for one of the top-ten independent advertising agencies in the country, Rob founded Puente Marketing and Advertising in 2003 to focus on the growing Hispanic market. At Puente, he helps companies across the U.S. understand their opportunities with today's multicultural America, particularly the Hispanic market. Today, the Latino culture has such a great influence on so many aspects of life in the U.S. such as food, music, entertainment, sports, celebrations, fashion, and language. The richness of all these aspects of Latino life helps blend people and communities in a way that embraces the fullness of daily life.

Rob actively shares his time and expertise with charitable entities as well as cultural and educational organizations in the Kansas City community. Since 2003 he has been assembling a team with vast experience who have experience in both the general market and Hispanic market arenas.