A Growing Influence

The term millennial, a member of Generation Y, characterizes someone born between the early 1980s and late 1990s. Described as confident, self-expressive and open to change, millennials are creating their own unique identity for themselves. Yet their identity, distinctive as it may be, is helping shape American culture as well. Millennials are more racially and ethically diverse than the older generations. For example, there are approximately 15 million Hispanic millennials in the United States; among U.S. millennials, Hispanics are one in five. In Kansas City, 21% of the Hispanic population falls between the millennial age range of 18-29 years. The media age of Hispanics in Kansas City is 25, which is young, especially compared to the U.S. Hispanic median age of 36. With such a young Hispanic population here in Kansas City, KC’s thriving Hispanic businesses will only continue to grow.

Millennials in the United States are also extremely influential in the U.S. marketplace and economy. With a buying power of $1.3 trillion, millennials are able to have a voice in economic, political and social aspects of society. Culture, which influences social interactions, purchasing behaviors and media and technology usage, has a great impact, especially on Hispanic millennials. Often for Hispanics, culture and language are intertwined. Hispanics often maintain their native-language as a way to hold onto the traditions of their roots. Yet many Hispanic millennials seem to live in two worlds; most Hispanic millennials consume media in both Spanish and English, demonstrating their desire to connect with both cultures, thus creating a strong cultural duality. This cultural duality is apparent in the U.S: 40% of U.S. Hispanic millennial users consume media on the Internet equally in both Spanish and English, compared to the 16% who consume media in English only.

As a way to connect their two worlds together, Hispanic millennials often rely on technology. “Technology is a culture-enabler for [Hispanic Millennials]. When you think about the passion points—music, sports and anything to do with [their] country of origin—all of it is enabled by technology,” said Roberto Ruiz, Univision Communication’s senior vice president of strategy and insights. Used as a source of entertainment, a gatherer of information and form of independence, mobile use is an important outlet for Hispanic millennials. Hispanics over-index in smartphone use compared to the general population; in 2013, 47.4% Hispanics used smartphones, while only 45.7% of the general population utilized these mobile devices. For Hispanic millennials, who are 2.1 times more likely to live in a multigenerational house than non-Hispanics, mobile phones offer this demographic privacy and freedom.

Although this demographic is constantly developing, Hispanic millennials are the future of our country. “Millennials are perhaps the most coveted, and certainly the most misunderstood demographic in the retail world,” yet due to their role in U.S. society, they cannot be forgotten. Especially Hispanic millennials, for they are an essential part of Hispanic marketing. Let Puente Marketing help you understand how to better connect with Hispanic millennials.

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