From Mothers to Businesswomen

As we meet with clients in various industries from healthcare, to finance, to education, to retail and everything in between, more often than not, we find ourselves with a primary target of the Hispanic female. And it only makes sense, as the Hispanic woman fills an important role in the Hispanic household and world– as a mom, wife, friend, confidant, business owner, problem solver and more. She is a great unifier in balancing life in the two worlds where Hispanics live. Puente’s experience working with the Hispanic female as a target is vast. We pride ourselves on understanding key facets of the Latina, and our ability to communicate effectively with her.

Mothers or Mamás

Traditionally the role of the Hispanic woman has been the family caretaker- whether that be through caring for her children or other family members and friends, cleaning, cooking or doing other necessary duties around the house. Anything taking place within the family and household goes through her, making her the primary decision maker in the household and a desirable target for marketers across all categories. This role, though still true today, is evolving as Latinas are more often becoming professionals and particularly, business owners. And it’s important to note that Latinas are taking on this role in the business world in addition to their role as the center of the household.

Businesswomen or Empresarias

Latinas act as the primary decision makers in nearly all facets of the family and household, and especially when purchasing goods and services for the home and family. Now, Latinas have begun to take on this role in the business realm. So much so that Hispanic women are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the U.S. In only ten years, there has been an increase of near 200% in Latina-owned businesses. (Compare that to a 55% increase by their non-Hispanic female counterparts). Additionally, female Hispanic business owners have a start-up rate of six times the national average. This trend continues to grow at astonishing rates, truly showing that the Latina business owner is now a reality marketers must take into account.
As key influencers and decision makers, Latinas are a key target your company might want to take into consideration. We at Puente Marketing understand the best practices in understanding and communicating with the Hispanic woman–and the Hispanic market as a whole. To learn more, call us at 816-283-8300 or contact us online.