ferrell gas

Help create a dedicated Hispanic effort to cover the Hispanic population where their 913 service centers offered service in over 33,500 zip codes in 40 states.

Conducted an in-depth customer data research analysis using our proprietary AHORA Index™ for market opportunity assessment. Identified best opportunities for creating pilot programs. Audited all sales collateral and modified the formats for bilingual communication.

Puente Hispanic Marketing

– Customer data analysis for retrieval of Hispanic Customers
– Hispanic opportunity assessment
– Collateral evaluation
– Employee education and readiness
– Community Outreach


“We felt like we were missing out on Hispanic customers. We just weren’t sure where to start. With the AHORA Index, we identified and prioritized exactly where to begin our marketing efforts which was a huge help.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jim Saladin, VP – Marketing, Ferrellgas


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