The YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Our first client spotlight goes to the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, which has had huge success in engaging with the KC Hispanic community over the past few years.

Research Your Target

Before even beginning to market to a Hispanic audience you must know the ins and outs of your target. What are the demographics? Is the population mainly Mexican? What do they value? What are cultural traditions and nuances to take into consideration with your messaging? Conducting five different sets of focus groups helped the Y to better understand how to reach both current and potential members, so we could begin implementing a successful plan.


One of the most important steps a company should take in an effort to reach Hispanic consumers is creating a website in Spanish., the YMCA’s Spanish-language website provides information on programs, membership benefits, location information and more. Spanish-speaking consumers may receive your message, but it likely will be lost in the shuffle if there is nowhere to go to find more information.

A website in Spanish is just the beginning of creating an online presence that is easily accessible to Hispanics. Social media should not be forgotten. 80 percent of Hispanic adults are on social media sites such as Facebook, which is 10 percent more than non-Hispanic whites and 5 percent more than African Americans. El YMCA de Greater Kansas City’s Facebook page frequently posts updates on events, classes and activities for kids. A Facebook page paired with relevant Facebook ads is an easy yet effective way to reach Hispanics online.

Traditional Print

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a traditional direct mail piece, especially when marketing to Hispanics in Spanish. A study by Simmons Market Research shows that 15% of U.S. Hispanics will make a purchase via direct mail response, while 11% of general market consumers will do the same. This is one method the YMCA uses each year that generates results for the organization.

Community Engagement

Communicating with Hispanics is not just about creating marketing materials that will relate. It’s also about working directly with the community, which is something the YMCA of Greater Kansas City does an excellent job of doing. Health fairs, a free nutrition class held in Spanish called Salsa, Sabor y Salud as well as partnerships with companies and organizations that share in its mission are just a few of the ways the Y gets directly involved with the community. Many of these programs and events are free and open to the public—not just members.

These are just a few of the tactics the Y is using to engage its growing Hispanic audience. Pandora, traditional print ads and radio also are working together to create a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan. It is our pleasure to work with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City on its Hispanic marketing efforts. We would love to help you do the same! Give us a call at 816-283-8300 to learn how we can assist your company in reaching this growing population.