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The YMCA of Greater Kansas City
Our first client spotlight goes to the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, which has had huge success in engaging with the KC Hispanic community over the past few years.
Research Your Target
Before even beginning to market to a Hispanic audience you must know the ins and outs of your target. What […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

Big Brands Celebrating
Hispanic Heritage Month is here! What first begun as a weeklong celebration in 1968 was extended to a full month in 1988 to celebrate the contributions of Hispanics/Latinos to the U.S. Held from September 15  to October 15, big brands are seeing the importance of recognizing this important month and have been working […]

¡Muy Bien!

Hispanic Marketing Done Right
Some brands have fallen short despite great attempts at reaching the growing Hispanic market. Nonetheless, there are many brands that are using culturally relevant tactics to reach Hispanics, and they’ve been proven to be successful!
Honey Bunches of Oats
Post’s cereal Honey Bunches of Oats turned its attention to the Hispanic market in hopes […]