All Things Latino in Kansas City

We’re happy to announce one of our latest projects, All Things Latino in Kansas City.

Marketers, businesses, agencies and organizations are increasingly interested in connecting with Hispanics/Latinos. For this reason, we just released our All Things Latino in Kansas City booklet, which is about educating and informing all of Kansas City and beyond about the importance of Latinos in our community.

Here are just some of the topics we cover in the booklet:

  • Cultural connections
  • How KC Hispanics spend money
  • Latino roots in KC
  • KC Hispanic community connections

We are especially proud of this booklet, as it incorporates two of our passions: Latino culture and Kansas City. KC has such a vibrant Latino community, and we want to share that with all who are interested in reaching the Kansas City Hispanic community. Our hope is that this booklet will be used as an educational tool to help our current and future clients as well as other agencies and organizations understand the power and impact that KC Hispanics have both on our local community and the entire U.S.

Just give us a call at 816-283-8300 or email me at